Conversations with your new rector

I’ve enjoyed the time to connect on Sunday mornings and with many of you through commission meetings, but I’ve been looking forward to this invitation since before I arrived: Sign up for a meeting so we can get to know each other! I hope to connect individually (or as households/families) with each of you in the months ahead, to hear your story and answer any questions you have about mine. It will take a while to get to everyone, but I’m excited to get started, as this is one of the most life-giving parts of ministry for me.

Hopefully, one day soon I can accept an invitation to your home or welcome you to sit in my office without our worrying as much about COVID. For now, though, the invitation is to a Zoom meeting, a phone call, or a walk outside. I’m using a tool called Calendly to schedule these, but if you have any trouble with it, just call or email me to schedule. If there isn’t a time on here that works for you, let me know that as well!

Click here to schedule a meeting:

Epiphany Theme of Healing

You’ll rarely find me promoting my own words, but this Sunday’s sermon was a kick-off of sorts for a theme I hope we’ll explore further during the season after Epiphany: healing. If you missed it, it might be helpful to read it here or watch it here.

Service schedule and COVID precautions

If you missed last week’s announcements about our new COVID-safer 8:30 Sunday worship, you can find it here. After the bishop’s new COVID directive this week, readers will also wear masks at the 10:30 service. If you’d like to receive communion at home, let me know!