Dr. Dominique Matthews with a patient

Dr. Dominique Matthews with a patient

St. Clare’s support for and involvement in the Haiti Outreach Mission (HOM) has been a major factor in the improved medical and educational resources in Mirebalais during the past 10 years. Donations of medical supplies, participation in mission trips, and prayers for our friends in Haiti are critical contributions to sustaining this ministry. St. Clare’s Support for Haiti Outreach Mission (HOM)

St. Clare’s has actively participated in the Haiti Outreach Mission (HOM) since 2004, providing significant fundraising and financial support ($245,000) and leadership. Founded in 1999, HOM is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) ecumenical organization providing medical and humanitarian aid to the people of Mirebalais, Haiti.

HOM work continues in Mirebalais. The medical/dental St. Pierre Clinic, with full-time physician and full-time dentist, serves patients daily and is fully supported by HOM ($43,550 annually) – service to all children is free. The clinic is HOM’s single most significant ongoing presence in Mirebalais. HOM also provides financial and maintenance help to 4 local schools.

A team of 20-25 volunteers, including James Rhodenhiser, Katie Oppenheim, and Mark-Davis-Craig, went on the 2016 HOM mission trip in April 2016. The team took 50 pieces of luggage with donated medical supplies. The medical team treated patients, including many mothers and babies, at various locations. The fluoride/dental hygiene team treated 1,600 school students and staff with anti-parasite medicine and fluoride. A small HOM construction team did  maintenance work on electrical and water systems.

HOM’s St. Pierre Clinic continues to serve a large number of patients needing medical and dental care, despite completion and opening of the large Partners-in-Health hospital in Mirebalais. Non-emergency patients often wait six weeks to be seen at the hospital. Major recent upgrades to the clinic include repairing and installing the large wrought- iron gate for improved security, and purchasing and installing a new generator to provide reliable electricity.

Additional clinic maintenance needs include upgraded dental equipment, new perimeter wall for improved security, electrical wiring upgrades and replacements, plumbing repairs, interior and exterior paint, and paving the clinic courtyard.  A special “Saint Pierre Clinic Capital Campaign (SPC3)” to address these needs has been discussed with hope that it will be launched this year. (Total SPC3 is estimated very preliminarily at $25,000-$35,000.)

Need in Mirebalais remains great. Your generous gifts and participation in this year’s activities will make St. Clare’s outreach commitment a reality. A portion of the Haiti donation income will also go toward St. Clare’s local outreach in Washtenaw County.