The Magee Outreach Fund

What is the Magee Outreach Fund?

The Magee Outreach Fund is an investment fund created to provide the St. Clare’s Outreach Commission with a continuous and stable stream of funding. Because the Magee Outreach Fund’s revenue is steady and predictable, the Outreach Commission can make middle and long-term commitments with confidence. 

Who was Rich Magee? 

Rich Magee was a member of St. Clare’s with a passion for outreach. He observed that outreach was often one of the first items cut when difficult choices in church budgeting had to be made. Rich left the seed money for the Outreach Fund in his will, with the hope that the revenue from the fund would keep Outreach missions going regardless of the financial situation of the congregation. 

Why should I donate to the Magee Outreach Fund, instead of to a specific Outreach program? 

You should donate where you feel called to donate. A donation to the fund is a seed that, in time, may grow into any number of Outreach programs. Rich Magee may not have been there when the Backdoor Food Pantry was founded, but his endowment, and donations made to it over the years, made that and many other programs possible. 

Who manages the Fund?

The Magee Outreach Fund is managed by the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. When the Fund was created, St. Clare’s lacked the expertise to manage it, and we haven’t seen a strong reason to change the setup over the years. In addition, it feels very in-character for St. Clare’s to partner with another organization to enrich our community.

How can I donate to the Magee Outreach Fund?

Write your check to St. Clare’s, and in the memo line note that it’s intended for the Magee Outreach Endowment. Memorial donations are encouraged as well, continuing Rich Magee’s legacy of planting seeds for future generations of outreach.