Rotating Shelter

Providing Shelter to Ann Arbor’s Homeless: Each year, the Genesis building houses the Rotating Shelter for homeless men during Thanksgiving week, November 25 to December 2. Volunteers from St. Clare’s, Temple Beth Emeth, and Blue Ocean Faith provide transportation to and from Genesis, serve as overnight hosts, provide meals, and socialize for a couple of hours with our guests. 

Critical needs for Rotating Shelter Volunteers (Critical means we have fewer than half of the necessary volunteers in that category)

  • Hosts – Friday, Saturday and Sunday (no one has signed up on these days. We can’t run the shelter without volunteers)
  • Morning drivers – Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
  • Evening drivers – Saturday and Sunday
  • Food providers 
    – Wednesday (protein entree for 15),  (baked  goods for 15)
    – Thursday (lasagne for 15, large salad,)
    – Saturday, large salad

In order that the existing volunteers don’t find themselves with less support than they counted on, we try to have 3 hosts, at least 4 drivers and complete meals each night. 

If you want to volunteer, but the above list of critical needs does not match your schedule, go to and look for open slots. If it does match your schedule and you’re ready to become part of this eye-opening and very important ministry, visit the website at: or contact Linda Klimach ( or 734-645-1808) or Peter Millar (call or text 734-255-2787). 

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered thus far. Because of you, up to 25 homeless men will have shelter and a warm meal during Thanksgiving week.