Holy Cow, it’s a CAT: The Congregational Assessment Tool, administered by Holy Cow Consulting, was completed. One hundred sixteen members of the parish family participated (Holy Cow!). The results will be interpreted at different levels, with the Vestry receiving a comprehensive analysis at its annual retreat in January, and a summary report available to everyone in the congregation.

Bonus! The Vestry granted year-end bonuses to the St. Clare staff in the amount of $100. Happy New Year.

Doors (no, not the ‘60’s singing group): Those nifty wooden doors near the social hall have begun to show their age. The problem is that with age things sag and, in this case, the doors no longer fit comfortably into their frames. There is also a security concern about securing them adequately. The Temple Board’s President asked the Vestry, at its January meeting, to consider replacements with improvements for securing the entrance as they use it as a single entry and exit point on their busiest days of the week. Additional expense is being considered to make it handicapped accessible. The Vestry agreed to support replacing the doors subject to review and recommendation from Genesis and the Genesis Security Committee which meet this month.

Money: It seems there is never enough. At its January meeting, the Vestry approved a deficit budget that will draw upon the Ark Fund (a capital improvement fund invested under the auspices of the Endowment Fund Board), to the tune of $5,000, to meet St. Clare’s obligation to the Genesis capital maintenance and replacement fund. The Ark Fund was set up for just such a purpose.

Going Fish’n: Well, not really, but because of the large number of Vestry related activities in February, the Vestry voted to take the month off (well, not off – just not holding a regular meeting). Activities? The Vestry retreat will be January 31 through February 1. Vestry members (and others) are required to attend Safe Church training (at a level appropriate to their activity), probably in February. All Vestry members are also being registered for a Diocesan Vestry retreat, all day February 22. And the Rev. Bonnie Perry, bishop elect, will become the Rt. Rev. Bonnie Perry, the eleventh Bishop of Michigan, when she is consecrated on Saturday, February 8.

Been Fun: On January 15, Vestry members Ken Cook, Martin Heggestad, Joanne Heaton, and Knut Hill attended their last regular Vestry meeting in this term. We thank them for their service. At the Annual Meeting, the congregation will elect their replacements. Lizbee Collins-Wildman also attended her last regular Vestry meeting as life, for her, has evolved in a way that will take her away from St. Clare’s on many Sundays. Although she will remain a member of the congregation and attend as often as possible, she felt her infrequent presence would hinder her ability to be an effective member of the Vestry. We thank her for her service. At the Annual Meeting a replacement will be elected to fill the remaining two years of her term.

Newbies: the Vestry nominated five candidates for election to the Vestry – their names, photos and bios are shared in this January 15 news post: https://www.saintclareschurch.org/2020/01/15/2020-vestry-nominees/.