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Welcome to the St. Clare’s Youth Page!

We’re glad you’re here. 🙂

Who is God?  Do you have questions about your faith?  Which rules in the Bible are more important than others?  Can church be fun?  Why does Jesus answer questions by telling a story?

These are all questions that teenagers have had about faith and religion.  Youth group is a place where we can talk about these questions, and about other things too.

Youth Group meets on Sunday afternoon from 12:00 to 1:30.  6th-10th grade teens participate in a wide variety of activities at St. Clare’s and beyond.  We pray, learn about God, play games, eat, sing on occasion, and talk about our lives, our faith, and our questions. We will finish our curriculum on “I Know My Bible” this year, as well as participating in discussions about justice, mercy, and loving Jesus.  We will also offer confirmation classes to our high school youth this year.

But…. we do a whole lot of other stuff too including diocesan events and field trips. Here are some activities that we will be doing in the upcoming months.


Summer 2020 Youth Mission Opportunities

  1. We have two opportunities to help people get masks.  First, Christine is making masks, and selling them for $5.00.  All proceeds go to youth group.  If you need a mask, or know of someone who wants to buy a mask, contact Christine.    Our second opportunity is to make masks, and donate them to Manna House, which is a homeless food ministry at St. Peter’s in Detroit.  If you are making masks, and want to donate them, contact Kelly, and she will get them and take them to St. Peter’s.

2. Also at St. Peter’s is the Corner Shower and Laundry. Those who are in need can go there to shower and/or wash their clothes.  They need monies to pay a staff member to oversee the facility, to purchase laundry detergent, socks, underwear, and feminine hygiene products. 

  1. Fresh RX is a program where fresh fruits and vegetables are given to seniors in the Islandview neighborhood of Detroit, or to families in Detroit where the children have a higher than normal lead level. Six boxes of fruits and vegetables will be delivered to each family this summer.  Boxes are $15.00 each.  If everyone in youth group makes just 3 calls or e-mails to someone they know, and asks for donations, we will get a Summer 2020 St. Clare’s Mission t-shirt.  Donations can be sent by check to St. Clare’s with “Fresh RX” in the memo line, or by giving online at the St. Clare’s website.  Please choose “other” for the gift designation, and then put “Fresh RX” in the memo line. 
  1. Park clean up – with permission, and possibly supervision from a parent, help pick up a park or public area. Please wear protective items while you do this and keep proper distance from others. 
  1. Bottle Drive – also with permission and supervision from a parent. Collect returnable bottles and cans, and donate that money to a worthwhile cause of your choice.

March – August 2020  Lunch with Eric and Chris – in our changing format of online worship and fellowship, Eric Travis and Chris Fentress- Gannon will be hosting an electronic get-together over the internet.  For the the rest of the summer, Monday – Friday at noon, they are inviting youth and young adults in the Diocese for an hour of conversation and prayer.  

June 21-26, 2020 – Week of Hope Mission Trip – Unfortunately, our mission trip has been postponed until 2021.  Please keep our brothers, sisters, and siblings in the Grand Rapids area in your prayers, and we look forward to seeing them in 2021. 

July 7 – 8  —  B.W.Y.A.Y.A..  Its pronounces Boo-Ya-Ya!   This is an opportunity for the Youth and Young Adults to have a time of fun and fellowship with the 11th Bishop of Michigan, Bonnie Perry!  Open for all youth in middle and high school as well as young adults.   Jr. and Sr. High will meet with Bishop Perry on July 7, and young adults will meet on July 8.  More info on the EDOMI website.   https://www.edomi.org/yaya/events/bwyaya-online/    If you have questions, ask Larry or Grace.

 July 7-11, 2020 – EYE20.  EYE (Episcopal Youth Event) has also been postponed until 2021.  If there are any questions, please contact Larry or Eric Travis at the Diocese. 

September 2020 – We will welcome our new 6th graders to youth group!  More to follow soon on when and how they will receive their bibles and our first youth group of the new school year.

October 10, 2020 – Diocesan Acolyte & Server Festival.  Mark Saturday, October 10, 2020 as the date for all Acolytes and Altar Servers to come to the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit.  It will be a fun day to come together and celebrate your ministries.  More info to come soon!

October 11, 2020 — Crop Walk.  Last year our youth group raised over $700.00 to provide food to families in need by participating in the Crop Walk.  We will participate again this year, and as more information becomes available on walking with others or walking virtually and documenting this on our Instagram page, we will share it with you.

December 12-13, 2020 – Advent Lock-In.  Save the date for our annual Advent Lock-in.  We will embrace the waiting of the birth of Jesus with an Advent themed program, playing Romans and Christians, snacks, sleep, and worship on Sunday morning.

How to find us:

Middle School Youth Group

Sundays at noon in the Youth Lounge, during the academic year
Leaders: Larry Vandenbergen, Christine Cook, and Suzanne Di Piazza

High School Youth Group
Meeting times vary
Leaders: Larry Vandenbergen and Christine Cook

If you’d like to know more about who we are and what we do, please contact Suzanne Di Piazza at Suzanne@saintclareschurch.org or call her at 734.662.2449. She’ll be happy to chat with you and/or connect you with Larry and Christine.