At the annual meeting, Ann Putallaz, Eliza Nuxoll, Knut Hill, and Anne Clarke told about our hope and invitation to enter into a season of telling our stories and weaving them together here at St. Clare’s. You can listen directly to our invitation from the annual meeting here.

The short version of our invitation is this: would you be willing to share your story of becoming and being a part of St. Clare’s? Our guiding questions are these:

  • When did you know that St. Clare’s was the place for you?
  • Was that ever challenged?
  • Why did you decide to stay?
  • Was there anything in particular that brought you deeper into the life of the church?
  • What does St. Clare’s mean to you now, in this moment?

You can share your story by sitting down and speaking with one of us in person, via Zoom, or on the phone for 30 minutes. Or you could write your answer to some or all of these questions and send it to any of us via email. You could even represent your story through some kind of art form!

Click here to indicate your willingness to be interviewed and we’ll be in touch to set it up!

Over the next few months, we may ask whether some of you would be open to sharing your story again on video or through publishing your writing, but that is not at all required. Your story will stay with the person who hears it until you give permission for it to be shared.

We also want to thank those who were part of our “pilot” interviews during which we tried out these questions!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions,

Ann Putallaz
Knut Hill
Eliza Nuxoll
Anne Clarke