A huge thank you to all of you who agreed to serve on vestry or, to serve as a delegate to Diocesan Convention should they be chosen. We can’t do what we do without you!

At our Annual Meeting on January 28, we elected four people to 3-year terms on vestry starting now. We also selected delegates and alternates to serve as our representatives at this fall’s Diocesan Convention. Results follow.

VESTRY: new members are Lucia Cooper, Mark Davis-Craig, Loren Jackson, and Barbara Scoville. Continuing members are Barbara Beaton, Mac Dick, Susan Draffen, Peter Millar, Ann Putallaz, Vera Schwankl, Debra Stevens, and Cathy Stone. Wardens will be decided at the Vestry Retreat later in February.

DELEGATES TO DIOCESAN CONVENTION: Matt Evett, Ann Putallaz, and Tom Rich. Alternates are Mark Davis-Craig, David Laurance, and Nancy Lewis.

TELLING OUR STORIES: PLEASE SHARE YOURS! At the annual meeting, Ann Putallaz, Eliza Nuxoll, Knut Hill, and Anne Clarke told about our hope and invitation to enter into a season of telling our stories and weaving them together here at St. Clare’s. You can listen directly to our invitation from the annual meeting here. The short version of our invitation is this: would you be willing to share your story of becoming and being a part of St. Clare’s? Click here to learn more about the project.

ST. CLARE’S WORD CLOUD: What words describe St. Clare’s Church for you? A fun way to tell a story about who we are is to make a “word cloud” using words that reflect who we are. During our Annual Meeting, we asked St. Clarians to describe our church by selecting five words from a list of about 180. Seventy of us participated, selecting 98 different words. Many of the adjectives were selected more than once, and the top ten words were caring, compassionate, faithful, warm, liberal, generous, tolerant, open, creative, and kind. This word cloud video shows our word selections. The size of the word depends on how often the word was chosen. Over the next few months, we will invite you to help tell our story in other ways.

ANNUAL REPORTS: Visit www.saintclareschurch.org/2023reports to access the reports that were submitted for this year’s meeting.