Our annual meeting will be held at 11:15 am on Sunday, January 28, following a single service at 10:00 am that morning. You can participate onsite or online. Childcare will be available in the family room during the annual meeting.

The business of the annual meeting includes electing members of the vestry and representatives for diocesan convention, thanking our outgoing leaders, and hearing a financial report from our esteemed and often hilarious treasurers. You can find the nominees for Vestry and Diocesan Convention representatives at www.saintclareschurch.org/nominees. Please look at the annual report in advance by visiting www.saintclareschurch.org/2023reports.

This year, we’ll also be led in some engaging and meaningful reflections on our identity as a congregation, as the kickoff for a spring of storytelling about who we are as St. Clare’s.

Please make sure to mark your calendars and join in this celebration of our congregation’s life together!