Below you’ll find instructions for (1) what to include in your report; (2) how to format your report; and (3) how to upload your report electronically.

(1) Report Content

Your report needs a title/heading (for example, Ministry to the Poor) and a byline (for example, submitted by Saint Clare). When applicable, please list the commission/committee membership. Click here to access last year’s Annual Reports (PDF). You can model your content on last year’s report. 

(2) Format

Prepare your report as a PDF with no blank pages.

(3) Upload Your Report

Name your document using your title/heading/subject (for example, Ministry to the Poor for 2022).

Ministry To Children For 2022.pdf


CLICK HERE to upload your document(s). If you get a prompt to sign in to Microsoft Office, you can close it and continue with the upload.