Fun Fact: Did you know that the Vestry is so named because early leadership committees tended to meet in the room where people donned their vestments for services?

Use the links below to access highlights of recent Vestry Meetings.

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October 2023
September 2023

Background: The Mutual Ministry Review Survey, conducted last spring, made it clear that many St. Clarians would welcome more information from St. Clare’s Vestry. In response, the Vestry agreed, at its September 20 meeting, to begin to publish the highlights of each Vestry meeting. All Vestry meetings include the review of a number of important items, including minutes from the prior meeting, financial reports, and monthly reports from Vestry members regarding the Commissions/Committees to which they are a liaison. Each Vestry meeting also includes both prayer and Bible study. Vestry Meeting Highlights will focus on items that are not routine and have been placed on the agenda for discussion and decision. The Vestry trusts that these monthly highlights will provide St. Clarians with a fuller understanding of what the Vestry is focusing on and the decisions that are being made. We welcome your feedback (email addresses of vestry wardens are listed on the back of the bulletin; email addresses of all vestry members are included in each edition of the Vestry Meeting Highlights).