Join us on Sunday, November 5, as we welcome Jamon Jordan, the People’s Historian of Detroit, for a forum and All Saints Day message for all ages.

At 9:00 AM, Jamon will speak on local saints and ancestors, many of whose stories are less likely to be known, but whose contributions to the work of justice are crucial to understanding our past and inspiring our actions in the future. Childcare will be provided during the forum, and the forum and service will also be available on Zoom.

Jamon will give the sermon at the 10:30 service, with a message about this same theme targeted toward kids, but meaningful for all ages. He will also be with us during coffee hour.

Jamon Jordan is the founder of The Black Scroll Network, History & Tours. After years of leading tours for his students, Jordan saw the need for people to have a personal experience with the history of African Americans and Black people throughout the Diaspora. This is especially true in Detroit, MI, where the company was founded and is based. This city, which is about 85% African American, has a rich history, from enslaved Africans and Indigenous People to being a major station on the Underground Railroad which Black people used to escape enslavement, to a Black economic and residential center, known as Black Bottom & Paradise Valley to numerous events, leaders and figures in history.