What does “Communication” mean for St. Clarians?

It means a lot of different things at different times and places.

For Rev. Anne—when she is leading our worship services—it means all the reading, preaching, praying, and blessing of the Eucharist that we receive as Communicants.

For the Vestry, it means discussing the issues, debating the options, making plans, and telling you—the Congregation–about our challenges and our decisions.

And for all of us as a group, it means spreading the Good News of the Gospel throughout our community in every way that we can find.  They include feeding the hungry, teaching the children, visiting the sick, performing funerals as well as weddings, and greeting the newcomers at our front door who want to know more about who we are and what we do.  In this last respect, we need help!  Please tell Rev. Anne if you could assist us in making newcomers feel at home in St. Clare’s.