Our partnership with Perry Early Learning Center is off to a great start. We have volunteers who read with the children Monday through Thursday, with both morning and afternoon shifts. In addition to working with the teachers and students, as we have been doing, we now have our first opportunity to work on a school event with Perry parents.

Perry Early Learning Center will hold a field day on Thursday, May 25, to celebrate the end of the school year. They are looking for volunteers—both Perry parents and volunteers from St. Clare’s—to help with the various field day activities from 7:30 AM through 2:30 PM. This may work well for St. Clarians who would like to support our Perry partnership but weren’t able to sign up for a regular assignment. If you can help with field day, you can sign up at bit.ly/perryfieldday. As the sign-up information makes clear, there will be breaks for volunteers throughout the day. If you have trouble signing up, contact Ann Putallaz and she’ll work out the kinks. You can reach Ann at annp1025@yahoo.com or 734-827-4443.