Rescheduled for March 12 Gardeners: Come on Sunday March 12, 4 to 5:30 p.m., for a walk & talk through the gardens. We’ll look for signs of spring, and talk about plans for the year and changes to the weather. 

The trees love the winter cold to complete their rings, extend their roots, prepare for the show.  And so do we.  Ahhh, nothing like a cold winter day to snuggle, read, dream.  Write or nap.

What needs to be done?  A lot, but we’ll do what we can do:

  • Discuss priority area to maintain and enhance,
  • Identify areas that need work,
  • New initiatives,
  • Plants to order,
  • hardscape to install or repair, 
  • when to fertilize, mulch.  
  • Tools and supplies to buy. 
  • Opportunities to interacting with Sustainability initiatives or the congregations, city and county

We’re also in need of a seasonal landscaper who can put us on their schedule for tree and hedge trimming, plant selection, and hardscape advice & planning on a scheduled basis throughout the year.  Please send names of people you know who might fit this talent set, who might be interested. 

Let me know if you’d like to bring a snack, have favorite plant catalogues to share, or have ideas or thoughts about how to beautify our shared space. Of course we always need ideas of how to engage new gardeners. 

Hope to see you there.  RSVP or drop in.  Looking forward to seeing everyone, and for the spring.


Phil & Sarah

Grounds Cleanup dates for 2023:

  • April 30th 2023 Spring Cleanup 1-4 – Last Sunday in April
  • October 28th 2023 Fall Cleanup 1-4 – Last Sunday on October