Greetings! Might you feel called to represent St. Clare’s at the 2023 Diocesan Convention?

“After many years as a member of this church, 2022 was my first time as a diocesan convention delegate. It was an overall positive experience. The best parts for me were the Friday afternoon workshops, the lunch meeting presentation on the Growth & Income Fund and connecting with a few people I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Joanne Heaton

If you are not sure what this obligation entails, here are some details: six candidates run to become delegates; the three elected will go to the convention; and the other three serve as alternates. The 2023 Diocesan Convention will be October 20 & 21 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. There is a virtual orientation and two days of in-person (which could change to virtual if needed) activities. You can learn more about the 2022 convention here:

If interested in this important service, please reach out to the nominating committee via Judy Avery; Christine Cook; Steve Dykstra; Jennifer Wolf; or Bob Man in person. Thank you!