After a months-long process that incorporated feedback from parents, children, youth, the Children and Youth Commission, and the Vestry, we are ready to advertise for our new Children and Youth Program Coordinator position.

We are all a part of the next steps! First, please pray for the person that God is preparing to join us in the crucial work of building up our programs and events for children and youth! And please think about whether there is someone you know who might be interested, or a network you’re a part of where you could share this job description. This kind of position is often best filled through word of mouth and personal recommendations!

A bit more about the position: this is a somewhat differently structured position than Suzanne Di Piazza’s position was. The idea is that we will leverage my experience with and interest in being directly involved in ministry with young people, as well as our abundance of gifts within the congregation for teaching and planning programs. This position will help support that work through event planning, program coordination, and communication. It’s a bit smaller than what we had budgeted for, which leaves us some money to design and run a few fun and creative programs (Drama? Art? Music?) in the coming year, which can be an easy place to invite and welcome new folks to.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or a member of the Vestry or the Children and Youth Commission. Many thanks to all of them for their careful feedback, and especially to Knut Hill and Vera Schwankl who provided important leadership in this process.

Rev. Anne

Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay