Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2022 Variety Show. There were stupid jokes, there were skits, there were hi-jinks, there was… love. Everyone who took part was vulnerable and safe, supported with care and concern and appreciation by the St. Clare’s community. Special thanks to Barry Fuller, our emcee extraordinaire, to John Renehan, our guy who connected the sound, and to Kathy Daly, whose spirit and enthusiasm were the driving force behind this event.

The proceeds from the goodwill offering are going to Garrett’s Space, a place of refuge for troubled teens founded by parents who lost a son 5 years ago to suicide. Our efforts last night go to a place of vulnerability, acceptance, and love.

Click this link to access a recording of St. Clare’s Variety Show on June 11, 2022. The recording is provided in two halves.

First Half
Violin, Ivy Fuller
Skit, the Clarke family
Poem, Christine Cook
Comedic Song, Linda Klimach
Poem, Mac Dick
Piano, David Laurance
“A Short Tall Act”, Knut Hill
Poem, Tom Rich
Theological Discussion, Tom Rich & Kathy Daly
Song, John Renehan
Remarks by Scott Halpert, founder of Garrett’s Space

Second Half
Tales from the Friendly Skies, Janie Little
Violin & Keyboard, Rose Sproat & Michael Mishler
Excerpts from 3 Songs, Ash Erb-Watson
Turkish Rondo-Mozart, Luci Erb-Downward
Song, Jenn Erb-Downward
Song, Sophie Erb-Watson
“Musical View of Nutrition Physiology”, Judie Erb on piano with Jenn Erb-Downward, Barry Fuller, Linda Henny, & Brian Neau

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay