Dear Friends,

Thank you to the many who reached out after my announcement last Sunday about my friend Paul Whelan, imprisoned in Russia. I know Paul will love receiving mail from new friends, and as I mentioned, he will write back.

We don’t know how the current political situation will impact his mail delivery. Under the best of circumstances it took a letter he wrote 7 weeks to reach me, and probably just as long for my mail to reach him. But a letter is a reminder that he is not forgotten. Chatting about books, movies (especially old ones,) music, pets, travels, and general news about you are topics that he will no doubt enjoy. Needless to say, skirting any discussion about political issues is a good idea. Length is not a requirement. A few kind words will resonate for him in his long days and long nights.

I am including a link for his GoFundMe page run by his sister, Elizabeth. I am sending it not to solicit your donations but for you to read the background and the updates that have been included since he was first detained 3 years and 3 months ago.

The very best you can do for comfort to this prisoner is to write to him and to pray for his good health and release. Thank you.

Peace to you, and love,
Kathy Daly