Updated March 8, 2022

For frontline populations, multi-generational homes, and those living in temporary housing, access to testing is often inadequate or unavailable.  By donating your tests, you can help equalize testing resources. Our first donation batch, which includes 60 KN95 face masks and 47 rapid tests, will be donated to Alpha House. 

Every US household is eligible for 4 8 free COVID tests. If you already ordered a set of 4, you can now order a 2nd set of 4. If you don’t need your free tests, follows these steps for donation.

Step 1: order the tests if you haven’t already.  Go to  https://www.covidtests.gov/ or https://special.usps.com/testkits to register.
Step 2: bring your test kits to church when they arrive – either at Sunday services or during the week by hanging them on the door outside the parish office. 
Step 3: if you are unable to deliver your test kits to STC, email Jennifer Wolf to request a pick up
Step 4: St Clare’s will deliver donated test kits to the Packard Health Clinic, the Delonis Center, and/or Alpha House.   

Note that it may take awhile for your test kits to arrive.  That is okay!  We will continue to forward donated test kits for as long as needed.

Thank you!
Outreach Commission