Our COVID safety group met this Sunday, and we agreed that our current community transmission numbers do not merit big changes in our practices yet. While masks are no longer required by diocesan or other regulations, we agreed that we would continue to require masks for worship at both services. We will also continue to require proof of vaccination at our 8:30 worship for all who are able to be vaccinated.

A few changes:

  • Sundays at 8:30–There will be a distinct coffee hour space available following the 8:30 service only, for those who wish to attend. Worship leaders will continue to wear masks during worship.
  • Sundays at 10:30–When weather permits (and hardy souls are willing!) we will hold coffee hour outdoors following the 10:30 service. At the 10:30 service only, readers and intercessors (if they wish) can remove their masks when they read or pray, as was our practice before.

This is a tricky time in the pandemic (like most of the rest of the times in the pandemic, I guess!). We all have different needs, and some of those needs compete with each other. My highest values are that we are able to offer safe places for worship for everyone (including and especially the vulnerable) and that we protect and prioritize the connections and common practices that make up our community. Living into those values at the same time takes creativity and balancing, as well as good listening to each other.

Our group will meet again at the end of March to continue evaluating our data and context. The worship committee will consider changes to communion distribution at its next meeting. If you have any feedback about COVID safety and worship, please contact Rev. Anne or a member of the worship committee. As we have for the past two years, we will continue to get through this time with patience, love, good humor, and care for each other!

–Rev. Anne