Temple Beth Emeth and Saint Clare’s Episcopal Church will once again provide volunteers for the Alpha House family shelter starting Monday, March 7, 2022. 


There are many ways to volunteer.

  • Sign up to plan and prepare a dinner any day of the week or brunch on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Sign up to serve and clean up dinner or brunch. 
  • Volunteer to supervise children in the evening so that the adults can have some alone time. 

In addition: Alpha House is trying to upgrade their recycling efforts and because of where they are located they are looking for someone who would be willing to come pick up recycling once a month and take it to the drop off center on Zeeb Rd. between 8am and noon. This can only be done on the 3rd Saturday of the month. To learn more please contact Zach Crutchfield at Alpha House directly:  734.822.0220  Main/ 734.249.5014  Direct/ 810. 516. 5979 Voice/Text.

Lastly, they can always use $50 gift cards for Grub Hub. They give these to the families when they move out to help them order the first meal at their new home. Again, please contact Zach directly at the numbers above to donate gift cards. 

With gratitude, Rachel Egherman and Bill Feiser 

Alpha House Frequently Asked Questions

  • Volunteers are welcome for serving and cleaning up dinner.  Alpha House does mandate that masks are worn by the volunteers and the families while on site in the public areas.
  • Meals can be dropped off at any time during the day as long as dinners are there by 5:30 pm and brunches are dropped off by 9:00 am.
  • If you sign up for volunteering on-site, Alpha House runs a basic background check. This is not done if you are simply dropping off food.
  • If you sign up for supervising kids during activity time please call before you arrive to make sure that there are families interested that evening.
  • Children under 18 are welcome to volunteer as long as there is an adult. This is a great place to volunteer for middle and high schoolers. 

Image by Abdulmajeed Hassan from Pixabay