Are you seeking a way to relax and reflect, a way to slow the pace of your life, a way to find a quiet place to renew your energy?

The labyrinth can help with all of those things, providing an opportunity for centering and focus that can be utilized alone or with a group, in an organized or more casual way. The labyrinth creates a space for people to do whatever they need to do. It is a wonderful combination of freedom and structure that works for all ages and all “kinds” of people.

Saint Clare’s recently purchased a 24-foot canvas labyrinth that is a modified Chartres pattern. We are blessed that our interim rector, the Rev. Maryjane Peck, is a trained facilitator in labyrinth usage. She will offer a facilitator training session on Thursday, August 19, from 7 to 9 p.m., in the Sanctuary, to teach us how to care for the labyrinth and how to organize or lead or assist in leading labyrinth walks.

Please sign up for this facilitator training at

Image by ev3177 from Pixabay