A multigenerational Bible focused Lenten project for ALL St. Clarians!!

Every Monday starting on February 15, we will send via email a packet containing instructions and the lectionary readings for the following Sunday (also posted below). Using the reading that “speaks” to you, write that reading out in your own hand. Materials used can be anything from a pencil on notebook paper to a full blown, multimedia, illuminated manuscript! On Thursday evenings at 7 pm, starting February 18, we will meet on Zoom to share our work, our thoughts, feelings, and insights related to the Bible reading we chose. Pastor Maryjane will lead a discussion of the readings at that time, so even if you are unable to make a manuscript, please join us!
–Barbara Scoville (bescoville@gmail.com)

Lent 1 readings

Lent 2 readings

Lent3 readings

Lent4 readings

Lent5 readings

Palm Sunday readings