When many of us were growing up, we were taught that Lent meant giving something up. St. Clare’s Equity Education and Action Committee (EEAC) would like to suggest that, during this Lent, we add something to our Lenten experience – a commitment to deepen our understanding of and our work toward racial justice.

Our society makes many aspects of life so much easier for some people and so much harder for others. And who has it easier and who has it harder is often based on the color of a person’s skin. It is only after we have begun to understand the history and the issues surrounding racial justice that we can join in the work for an effective solution.

Some of you have come a long way in terms of your knowledge and actions regarding racial justice. Others may just be starting down this path. Wherever you are on this journey, Lent is a very appropriate time to make a commitment to learn more and do more about racial justice. What might you do to make racial justice part of your Lenten experience? Click here for some ideas!

St. Clare’s Equity Education and Action Committee: Ann Putallaz, Barbara Scoville, Carolyn Sampselle, Christine Modey, David Laurance, Jennifer Wolf, Linda Klimach, Maryjane Peck (rector), Nancy Faerber, Wendy Hatem