December 21-27, 2020
St. Clare’s and Temple Beth Emeth Volunteer Week at Interfaith Hospitality Network’s Alpha House, 4290 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor

Many thanks to all of you that have either expressed interest in providing meals to the families at Alpha House or have done so in the past. Your time and energy is so appreciated and critical to the health of our whole community.

Temple Beth Emeth along with St. Clare’s Episcopal Church are providing volunteers for the week starting on Monday, December 21st, 2020. As of December 10, we need dinner on Saturday (dropped off by 5:30 p.m. at the latest).

The Sign Up includes links to meals recently served at Alpha House. This is super helpful in getting ideas and also trying not to duplicate something that has been served in the last week. There is also a link to the current make up of the families. This lists any food allergies and dietary restrictions and is also extremely helpful for planning purposes. It’s a good idea to check this a day or two before you plan and shop since the families do rotate out regularly.

Please do not hesitate to reach with any questions or concerns. Once again, thank you so so much. Our services are always appreciated. Especially during these challenging times.

In health,
Rachel Egherman

Sign up using the link on the Alpha House page on St. Clare’s website (choose Alpha House from the Outreach dropdown menu).