The Rev. Maryjane and your Vestry is proud to announce the selection of our Rector Search Profile Team, who will carry forward the next step in our Rector search:

  • Christine Cook [Chair]
  • Wendy Hatem 
  • Loren Jackson
  • Kate Morris-Curtin
  • Sam Nuxoll
  • Margaret Peterson
  • Tom Rich
  • Rob Stone

These 8 members will meet with Jim Gettel, the Diocese’s Canon for Congregational Life, during November for instruction in the process and will be commissioned during the November 15 Sunday service.  Their charge will be to work collaboratively over several months by Zoom to compose the Parish Profile for St. Clare’s.  This will incorporate the previous CAT survey results, Holy Conversation inputs and parish background material into a document that will be posted on a national website for clergy searching for a new parish position. Its purpose is to characterize our values, mission, and dreams and goals so that we will attract candidates whose strengths and interests are well matched with our needs. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay