Our brothers and sisters at TBE Civic Engagement Committee have learned of a way to track your November 2020 ballot and have shared it with us. The website ballotpower.org will tell you:

  • Whether/where you’re registered to vote in your district
  • Whether/when your request for an absentee ballot was received
  • Whether/when an absentee ballot was mailed to you by the local clerk’s office
  • Where ballot drop boxes are located near your address
  • Whether/when your absentee ballot was received at your local clerk’s office

You can also sign up for Ballot Tracking that will text or email you whenever there is a change in your absentee ballot’s status. 

Did you already vote absentee? If so, track your ballot to make sure it was received!
Are you still planning to vote absentee? If so, drop it as soon as possible at your clerk’s office or ballot-box!
Do you plan to vote in person on November 3rd If so, make sure you know where your polling place is located and you have a mask!
Find all the information you need to vote and track your ballot at ballotpower.org. Make sure your vote will be counted! If not now, when??

St. Clare’s Equity Education & Action Committee