An excerpt from a 1992 reflection on Stewardship by Susan Bock

A part of me knows that this business of stewardship is about setting free the child within me.  Helping her to open her hands and let go, with complete trust and no fear.  I am asked to give a portion of what is being held by me in trust.  I am asked each time to do that which will bring me a little closer to the edge of my faith.  Such asking is the gift of a loving God, a gift designed to bring me into a better relationship with “my” time and money, which will lead me to be more fully human and truly alive.

The skeptical adult approaches canvass time with, at worst, fear and guilt; “I should”, “I ought”.  At best, she feels moved to responsibility, to favor the church budget, the clergy, or the poor with her pledge.

But the child within says to me, and to you, “whatever you decide to do about money, let it be something that takes you more deeply into the adventure of faith”.  She remembers Jesus’ words, “Make me your treasure!” She says, (like the Yoplait commercial) “do it for you!”

Image by moritz320 from Pixabay