Vestry 2021-2023: Announcing a wonderful opportunity!

Dear fellow parishioners.  It is time, once again, to consider nominees for our upcoming Vestry elections.  As you likely know, membership on the Vestry is for a three year term, and is a wonderful opportunity for folks to serve in a collaborative leadership role for our parish.

Out-going Vestry persons include Mary Lu Barth, Kathy Daly, Linda Henny, and John Little. Our current slate of Convention Delegates and Alternates includes Matt Evett, Tom Rich, Liz Rodems, Martin Heggestad, Grace Vandenbergen, and Nancy Faerber. Delegate term lengths are typically one year, but they may self select for additional term.

So we are asking that you give serious thought and prayer to nominating fellow parishioners that exhibit the talents, skills and commitment to fill our four Vestry vacancies, as well as a nominee for Delegate.

And, don’t discount your own desire and capacity to serve in these critical roles during exciting times in the life of our parish, and self-nominate.  Please forward your nominations to Linda Henny at , or 734-355-7376 by Nov 7th.

On behalf of our Vestry and Clergy, Thank you all, 

John Little