We are very pleased to announce that St. Clare’s will be offering the Sacred Ground program. Registration will take place during the summer and the program will begin in September.

The Sacred Ground Program at a Glance

Developed by the Episcopal Church, the Sacred Ground program:

  • is built around powerful documentary films and readings.
  • focuses on Indigenous, Black, Latino, and Asian American histories as they intersect with European American histories.
  • invites the exploration of how people of color suffer from racism, and how white people consciously and unconsciously perpetuate racist thinking and systems.
  • is framed as a spiritual journey and is grounded in the Christian faith.

The series is not liberal or conservative and is not meant to “convert” participants to one point of view or another. A key focus: What can be learned from those with different points of views.

The goal of Sacred Ground: to provide the tools and spiritual grounding necessary for long-term and effective action to promote racial justice.

Informational Zoom Meeting: Coming Soon!

We are currently planning an informational Zoom meeting, which will include a presentation on the program and a chance to ask questions. In the meantime, see our Sacred Ground page for more information.

Image by Rudolf Bledau from Pixabay