The following letter was recently sent via email to Back Door Food Pantry volunteers. We’re posting it here to keep you, our friends and supporters, up to date.

July 7, 2020

Dear Back Door Food Pantry Volunteers and Friends,

We hope you and your dear ones are well in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is an update to fill you in on what has been happening behind the scenes since we had to close our pantry in mid-March.

The Coordinating Committee has continued to meet and decided, in the absence of being able to provide service to our patrons, to help support pantries that remained open and faced an increase in patrons.

To that end, we have donated amounts roughly equal to what we would have spent each month on food for our pantry, making significant contributions to the Bryant Community Center Pantry, SOS Community Services Pantry in Ypsilanti, Jewish Family Services, and Food Gatherers.

Meanwhile, two other events occurred that complicated our pantry life. The pantry interior was painted, but the furnishings and equipment were left in disarray. We are now gradually sorting out what goes where, while we also sanitize and organize the place again.

Also, the church email server that hosted our email service from us to you had to be changed, but the new format did not support our use. We had no way to communicate with you. A new process has been put in place, and this is the first time we have tried it to see if we can reach you. Our fingers are crossed.

We miss you all. While we do not know what lies ahead, we hope to slowly move toward being able to resume some pantry service in the future. It may well begin with pre-packed boxes of nonperishables, in a manner that utilizes no-touch transmitting of boxes to cars outside the pantry. We are still considering the service options that can provide food, while keeping you and our patrons safe.

We value you and will keep you in the loop as we proceed slowly ahead.

Warmest wishes for your good health,

Kathy and Ellie