Updated information on our identified COVID-19 Donation Sites 

*please send all donations to St. Clare’s either online or by check. Please declare which Donation Site you want money to go to so the treasurer can send it to the proper location.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Detroit

*please let our treasurer know if you want a donation to go to a specific ministry within St. Peter’s. 

The Church needs monies to help support renting a port a potty for homeless, janitorial staff, utility bills, security, and support for unemployed musicians. 

Corner Shower and Laundry is a separate non-profit housed in the basement of St. Peter’s- they need monies to pay a staff member to oversee the facility, to purchase laundry detergent, socks, underwear, and feminine hygiene products. 

Manna House is a separate non-profit housed in the basement of St. Peter’s- Homeless Food ministry, currently doing lunches to go. 

**They are also in need of masks to give to patrons so let Kelly know if you have some to send, she will come get them from you and have them delivered. 


WICIR-Washtenaw Interfaith Coalition For Immigrant Rights

Since the COVID 19 crisis WICIR has set up a funding campaign to raise money to go directly to undocumented families who have, like most others, lost all sources of income, but unlike some others, cannot apply for any relief from unemployment or stimulus funds.  They are sheltering at home with bills mounting and no income.  WICIR has been able to help around 200 families so far with cash for them to buy groceries, pay electric bills, etc. They are looking to do a second round of support.

****St. Clarian donations will be mailed directly to the First Congregational UCC Church of Ypsilanti to avoid the Go Fund Me fees. 


Shelter Association of Washtenaw County

Looking for donations due to increased number of staff, PPE, and shelter locations required to ensure proper physical distancing.  SAWC normally shelters 50 clients this time of year, but they are currently sheltering 164 and the Public Health Department expects this number to go up to ~ 250 in the next few months due to a moratorium on evictions expiring in June.  SAWC operating expenses are up an additional $550,000-600,000 this year and they are expecting a shortfall as the Public Health Department has indicated funding cuts are on the way.

SAWC is also looking for volunteers to help with the following:  

  • Meal delivery drivers needed to pick up meals from Eastern Michigan University and drop them off at two off-sites.
  • Drop off and pick up clients from Delonis center for laundry services.
  • Assist clients with basic needs at two of the off-sites for 4-8 hour shifts 

Please call 734-662-2829 if you are interested in volunteering for any of these activities.