Sunday, September 15, 1 to 3 p.m.

Our Fall Plant Exchange is an opportunity to meet other gardeners and fill in some bare spots on the Genesis Campus. Bring some plants from your garden or a plant sale. We need hardy plants that can stand up to tough love, can compete with the weeds, and will not become invasive: hostas, succulents, sedem, daisies, and black-eyed-susans, to name a few. In addition to enhancing the grounds, this is a not-so-sneaky, low commitment way to bring a few more gardeners into our circle. Contact any member of the grounds committee with questions, or just show up.

Grounds Committee Members
Phil Barr, pbarr at umich dot edu
Sarah Weiss, sarahweiss13 at gmail dot com
Linda Annesley, lindaa at umich dot edu
Laura Wallace, drlaura02 at gmail dot com