We have made significant changes to our communications platform including the St. Clarian newsletter and our website. To keep up with our vibrant church, the monthly St. Clarian online newsletter has been incorporated into the weekly Parish email. Our website was updated with an improved layout and new offerings such as News, Events, and a Vestry Corner. You can also find the Preaching Rota under Resources (a top bar pull down menu) and the Sunday Servant Schedule under Worship (another top pull-down menu) . Other improvements are ongoing so check back often! Read more about these updates below.

Saint Clare of Assisi (image source: public domain, credit: Simone Martini)

Did You Know? In 1958, Saint Clare of Assisi was designated as the Patron Saint of Television because when she was too ill to attend Mass, she was reported to see and hear it on the wall of her room. Talk about staying connected! Our St. Clarian newsletter used to be a monthly offering and included special articles such as a letter from the Rector, notes from Vestry and updates from staff. However, we experienced issues continuing with a limited, once a month newsletter. For example, many important weekly announcements were going missed because some people were only reading the monthly newsletter, while others were only reading the weekly announcements and missing the monthly St. Clarian content. In addition, as a modern and welcoming church, we now share more news and announcements on our website than before. So we have found ourselves repeating much of the same information through multiple communication avenues including: web, monthly newsletter, weekly announcements, Sunday bulletins and social media.

Managing all these channels with limited resources is no easy challenge, especially as we serve a busy congregation. However, John Goodell (our technology director) proposed a new communications platform. Now we can post content to our website that will automatically populate the weekly parish email. This weekly St. Clarian newsletter continues to include current announcements and also offers special pieces like letters from the Rector and contributions from the staff and Vestry. If you would like to share information on our website and/or in the weekly St. Clarian, please email: editor@saintclareschurch.org. We encourage you to check out the new website if you haven’t already. And please drop us a note to let us know what you think about the changes to the website and St. Clarian.

Many thanks to Karen for working with the new St. Clarian and assisting with the communications plan; to Nancy Faerber for her assistance through these changes and providing editorial assistance on the St. Clarian; and to Suzanne and Pete for feedback as we worked through the changes. Most of all, our sincere gratitude goes to John for championing a new communications strategy when we needed one, and for much time and work putting it together. We hope these changes help everyone stay well connected at St. Clare’s.

In God’s Peace, Knut Hill (Senior Warden)