The Vestry retreat on February 9 was uplifting and productive.  We elected Knut Hill as Senior Warden for 2019 and re-elected Junior Wardens Linda Klimach and Kathy Daly.  We thanked our outgoing warden John Little for his outstanding and untiring service to St Clare’s in 2018.  We also identified goals for the coming year as follows:

  1. Grow and engage membership
  2. Support staff and clergy during transition
  3. Continue healing of individuals and relationships while building trust through communication and transparency
  4. Update and strengthen our commitment to the Safe Church Policy
  5. Strive for a balanced budget by 2020
  6. Support Commissions

Currently we are preparing the team that will be interviewing candidates for our interim priest position.  Bishop Gibbs says that he already has potential candidates for this position and will be ready to send one to us when we complete our preparation.  Canon Jim Gettel is shepherding us through this process and we are assured that God already has our permanent new Rector identified.  Our team of four (for interviewing) includes Sarah Noda, Rachid Hatem, Joanne Heaten and Linda Henny.  Please talk to us at coffee hour with any questions or ideas you want us to keep in mind. Also you can email me at

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Henny