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The Vestry serves as the governing board of St. Clare’s. Vestry members serve for a three-year term. Each year in January, one third of the Vestry is replaced by electing new members at the annual meeting.

The Vestry is represented on St. Clare’s Commissions as follows:

Adult Education :: Martin Heggestad

Children & Youth :: Knut Hill

Care & Belonging :: Mary Lu Barth, Kathy Daly, John Little

Endowment Fund Board :: Joanne Heaton

Genesis :: Ken Cook, Knut Hill

Outreach :: Joanne Heaton, Sue Evett

Parish Resources :: Joanne Heaton, Linda Klimach, Mike Meyer

Stewardship :: Barry Fuller, Mike Meyer

Worship :: Sue Evett, Linda Henny



Program Contacts

Adult Education / Cell Groups
Alpha House
Altar Guild
Back Door Food Pantry
Children & Youth Commission
Children’s Faith Formation
Endowment Fund Board
Care and Belonging Commission
Haiti Outreach Mission
Music Theater Church Camp
Outreach Commission
Parish Resources Commission
St. Clarian (monthly newsletter)
Stewardship Commission
Story & Song
Ushers (10:30 service)
Vergers (9:00 service)
Worship Commission
Youth Ministries

Barbara Scoville
Bill Feiser
Kate Morris Curtin
Kathy Daly
Knut Hill
John Goodell
Suzanne Di Piazza
Steve Lozano
Mary Lu Barth
Martha Daniels
John Goodell
Judie Erb
Laurie Kantner
Karen Slagell
Mark Davis-Craig
Suzanne Di Piazza
Martin Heggestad
Laurie Kantner
James Rhodenhiser
Suzanne Di Piazza

updated November 2018