Outreach Mission, Charge and Operations


Mission Statement 

To address human needs and social injustice.

The Charge

Saint Clare’s Outreach Commission is charged with enabling Saint Clarians to act for justice. The Commission raises and disburses funds and supports activism to address human needs and bring about social justice, including equal opportunity. It considers parishioners’ outreach concerns and decides on appropriate actions in light of available resources and existing priorities. 


The Commission may act without Vestry approval in the following ways:

  • provide information about volunteer opportunities,
  • conduct fundraising appeals, and
  • disburse funds.

Examples of such programs include:

  • Circles antipoverty initiative (Friends In Deed)
  • Alpha House
  • community meals
  • assistance to refugees legally resettling in our area

If the Commission seeks St. Clare’s commitment as an organization to an outreach effort, Vestry approval is required.  Examples of such programs include:

  • BDFP
  • Haiti Outreach
  • Rotating Shelter
  • Washtenaw Congregational Sanctuary
  • CROP Walk
  • Poor People’s Campaign

A Vestry member serves as liaison who coordinates Commission plans and actions with the Vestry, such as events and fundraising.   The Outreach Commission chair coordinates plans and actions with the Clergy.