Join us for the fall clean up of our grounds on Sunday, October 29. Clean up will happen from 1 to 4pm with a Rain Garden dedication happening at 2pm, with refreshments to follow.

Bring gardening tools and dress appropriately – Gloves, hats, layers; trowels, wheel barrels, rakes, shovels, hoes etc. We do have some tools so come as you are. No need to pre-register.

Rain Garden Dedication & Refreshments 2-2:30.  Susan Bryant, lead for Washtenaw County Rain Gardening will be joining us! 

Twice a year we invite congregants of all ages and skills to wake the gardens up in the spring, and in fall put them to bed in the fall.  

  • There is a new food and faith vegetable gardening initiative and we’ll be prepping some new beds on the south side – let us know if you’re interested. 
  • Power Tool Lovers: We need some chain sawing and debris clearing to take care of branches left over from storms; leaf blowing, and weed whacking.  A truck to load up cut logs and other debris to take to the dump.  Electric Hedge trimmers, preferably plugin for more power, to hit overgrown hedges behind the chapel and others.
  • Other needs: 3ft rolled wire fencing as we’d like to enclose areas which will be filled with 3ft of leaves for soil building in prep for spring planting & weed control.  300 linear ft needed. 
  • Gardeners always needed to tend the beds throughout the year, on your own schedule.  We can pair you with more experienced gardeners. 

My favorite tool this time of year is the Garden Fork.  It’s a sturdy tough tool.   The large one digs deep in the ground for getting out invasive roots, and working in compost.   The small hand fork dresses up the bed, getting out weed roots, and giving our plant room to expand and flourish.

Large Garen Fork71f5843c-4b97-4525-a029-388d3b8c8b11.png

Click here to view a short video taken Oct 4th 2023 on a rainy day showing the rain garden at work, and the RETENTION POND FULL!!

Info: Phil 734-7174040;
Phil Barr & Sarah Wiess
Genesis Grounds Co-Chairs
Your Partners in Grime!