Last year on Shrove Tuesday, one of our activities was breaking plates! It was a well-enjoyed experience to vent some frustration about the state of the world in an unusual way.

I thought we’d be ready to make a cool mosaic project out of the pieces by Easter last year, tying up the experience in a beautiful, meaningful bow! But the project took on a life of its own, and, as healing often does, it took the time it took. It’s been a group effort, with Lauren Doyle stewarding the project to this point. Now it’s all of our turn to join in!

This Sunday, we’ll reflect on the mysteries of life and death, brokenness and healing, in our sermon time. Then we’ll have a chance to turn some of the broken pieces into something beautiful, in a mosaic on a clay pot. Adults and kids age 9 and up can use the broken plate pieces, with some very specific safety guidelines! There will also be age-appropriate materials for younger kids to participate.

The materials will be out during coffee hour on the next two Sundays following the 10:30 service. There will be materials to help you plan your design and begin creating the design on your pot. You can also take the project home if you wish. On March 26, we’ll have “grouting Sunday” when we all have a chance to do the messy part of the project- grouting- together.

I hope you’ll join in. If you (like me) don’t consider yourself much of an artist- this isn’t that kind of art project. It’s the kind of thing that can be a meditation practice for the season, regardless of whether it looks “perfect” at the end (it’s not really supposed to- it’s made out of broken pieces! But it will probably be beautiful.)