On Sunday, January 22, worship will be at 10:30 a.m. (one service only). The service will include a few celebratory elements that are often part of the annual meeting, including Rev. Anne’s annual report as the sermon time. Church School and Wonderers Childrens’ Chapel will meet as usual.

The 10:30 service will be followed by a short break, then we will hold our annual meeting in the sanctuary at about 11:40. Childcare will be provided during the annual meeting. At the meeting, we hold elections, receive reports, and conduct other necessary business. Participation and voting can be done on-site or online (via Zoom). Election information can be found here.

Visit www.saintclareschurch.org/2022reports to access the Annual Meeting booklet (agenda, minutes from 2022 congregational meetings, and reports from St. Clare’s leadership and commissions and committees). Please look at the reports before Sunday’s meeting and print those pages that you want to have in front of you for the meeting. We will have a limited number of printed booklets at the meeting on Sunday.

After the annual meeting, we will conclude with a potluck meal in the Social Hall around noon to celebrate all we have done together in the past year! The church will provide sandwiches and drinks. Last names A-L bring a salad or side dish and M-Z bring a dessert. Those with food allergies or specific dietary restrictions always appreciate when the provider’s name or the ingredients are noted (for example: “made by Cinderella”, “contains dairy”, “contains nuts”, “vegan”).