Continue to keep Paul Whelan and his family in your prayers. Paul’s brother, David, wrote an article that Newsweek has published, and you can read it here: ‘Paul Whelan Is My Brother, Russia Is Torturing Him in Prison’.

The US Embassy in Moscow has requested a slightly SHORTER version of the address for Paul for future mail, so if you can change the top bit as below, that would be wonderful. They know who ‘PNW’ is, that’s for sure! And we are so grateful that they are helping with mail for Paul this way.

American Citizen Services/PNW
Consular Section
5430 Moscow Place
Department of State
Washington, DC 20521-5430

There’s a chance Paul will get a visit from the Embassy folks before too long so even if you haven’t written him yet, go on and send that card or letter! Many thanks to you all for your support.