In the Harry Potter series, the castle that is Hogwarts School is a full character; the castle is full of secrets, moving staircases, secret passages, and even a room that can turn into whatever you need it to be at the moment. I feel like our building is a little bit like that! I’ve had 3 fairly comprehensive tours of the building from different people, and yet a couple months ago, I discovered a room I’d never seen before!

Our building tells a story about a common dream and daily life together with our sister congregation, Temple Beth Emeth. It tells the story of the women who gave the initial gift of property, with a dream that it would one day be the site of the church. We have been learning together more recently about the story of the land we worship on through our land acknowledgement project.

If you’d like to know more about our building, its history, and its stories, join us this Sunday after the 10:30 service in the Adult Lounge. We’ll depart from there on a tour guided by Linda Klimach, Jim Downward, and Joanne Heaton, all of whom have a great knowledge of this place and its stories.

And if you’d like to join in the stewardship of this building and the dreams and stories it represents, we are having a workday on Sunday afternoon from 1-4pm. You can look at the list of tasks (all small projects that are best done by volunteers) and sign up for one or a couple!

Hope to see you Sunday!