The Equity Education and Action Commission (EEAC) came together in 2020 around a desire to further the cause of racial justice. We started by bringing the Sacred Ground curriculum to St. Clare’s. That experience has given rise to the broader issue of what St. Clare’s is called to do, over the longer term, to move our nation toward a more perfect union – one that is actively working for racial justice.

To make the work of the EEAC as effective as possible, we are seeking the input of St. Clarians to help us obtain a deeper understanding of:

  • the emphasis that St. Clare’s is called to place on issues of racial justice,
  • the types of activities (films or podcasts with discussions, book studies, events like the Underground Railroad Bus Tour) that would be most meaningful to St. Clarians,
  • the right balance between educational and action-oriented events,
  • St. Clarians’ reaction to some proposals for longer-term activities (pilgrimages, development of long-term relationships with diverse communities), and
  • additional thoughts and ideas that would help the work of the EEAC be of the most value to St. Clare’s.

We’d like to have the opportunity to gather input from as many St. Clarians as possible, so that we capture a wide range of opinions and ideas relating to the work of racial justice. A conversation could be via Zoom, telephone, or face-to-face using COVID guidelines. We estimate that the conversation could be accomplished in 30 minutes or less, but if the conversation goes longer, that’s fine too. For those who would prefer, you can respond to our questions in writing.

If you’re willing to share your views in-person or in writing with the EEAC, simply contact Ann Putallaz or Carolyn Sampselle. We can then schedule a time to talk with you – at your convenience – or we can send you the questions, if you prefer to respond in writing.


Ann Putallaz & Carolyn Sampselle, EEAC Co-Chairs