I don’t know if this is true for anyone else, but this week has been pulling me in lots of different directions! On one side, the bad news about the Omicron variant seems to be getting worse each day. Our family was particularly hit by Friday’s news that a vaccine for children under 5 will be delayed for many more months. We all made it through last year’s difficult Christmas by hoping that this year’s would be more “normal,” and in many ways, it’s not.

And yet, there’s so much beauty in this season—the special music, waking up to the light shining on icy tree branches, the traditions that we love to roll out each year. My 3 weeks here so far has been a little bit like a congregational Advent calendar: Each day holds a new gift, in a conversation with one of you, or the discovery of another aspect of this lovely community. It’s overwhelming, but in a good way.

Perhaps what we all need, regardless of whether we’re feeling pulled toward the difficult or the good stuff in this complicated season, is a moment to take a breath and wonder at the miracle of God’s presence with us. I hope this week will hold many of those moment of wonder as we worship together, whether it’s at Quiet Christmas, or around the campfire, or on Zoom, or in the sanctuary.

In Hope,

PS: If you’re interested in giving some feedback on the developing plan for a “safe as can be” 8:30 am service beginning in January, please complete the survey here! Thanks to all who have weighed in so far.


PPS: Don’t forget to share our Christmas services with a friend who might need an invitation for a moment of joy and wonder this year. Christmas @ St. Clare’s – Saint Clare’s Episcopal Church (saintclareschurch.org)

Image by prosperitymentr from Pixabay