Telling stories is the way people have always passed down information. Easter is the most significant celebration of our church year, but this sacred story can sometimes be obscured by bunnies, chocolate, and jelly beans. Using Resurrection Eggs is a great way to share the story of Easter with your kids. By or on Saturday, March 27, every child and teen at St. Clare’s will receive their own Resurrection Egg Kit, delivered to your home by Knut Hill.

Please have your child begin this devotion, on Palm Sunday, by opening Egg # 1 and reading the accompanying information. Please plan to end on Easter Sunday by opening Egg #12. Your child will open 2 a day for a few days. There is no correct way to do this except for opening the eggs in numerical order.

In addition to these kits, your child/teen will receive a small cross, artificial flowers, and glue to ‘flower’ their own cross on Easter. Thank you to our Youth Group leaders, Christine Cook and Jennifer Wolf, for preparing these.

The big Cross, along with a few buckets of flowers, will also be available, outside the Chapel, on Easter, for you or your child to flower. Thanks to our Altar Guild for setting this up.

Please connect with Suzanne if you have any questions once the kits arrive. Many thanks to the Children & Youth Commission for making these projects possible.