A huge thank you to all of you who agreed to serve on vestry, to serve as a delegate to Diocesan Convention, or to serve on the Genesis Board. We can’t do what we do without you!

At our Annual Meeting on January 24, we elected four people to 3-year terms on vestry starting now, 3 people to serve as our representatives at this fall’s Diocesan Convention, and 1 person to the Genesis Board starting July 1. Results follow.

VESTRY: new members are Paul Holman, Barb Kilbourn, David Laurance, and Tom Rich. Continuing members are Barry Fuller, Christine Cook, Ed Happ, Linda Klimach, Mike Meyer, Eliza Nuxoll, Julia Smith, and Jennifer Wolf. Linda Klimach will serve as Senior Warden, Jennifer Wolf will serve as Junior Warden.

DELEGATES TO DIOCESAN CONVENTION: Sarah Noda, Carolyn Sampselle, and Grace Vandenbergen. Alternates are Judy Avery, Linda Henny, and Linda Klimach.

GENESIS BOARD REPRESENTATIVE: Mary Lu Barth was confirmed as representative to Genesis Board, beginning July 1.