The St. Clare’s Stewardship Commission is proud to announce the church’s Pledge Campaign for 2021. The extraordinary events of the past year have significant implications for this annual appeal.

First and foremost, it will be Virtual as we continue for the most part to worship and function remotely in order to protect the health and safety of our staff and congregation. The ingathering and blessing of our pledges will be electronic or by mail.

Secondly, some members of the congregation may be facing financial issues resulting from the economic fallout from the pandemic, which may impact their pledge amount. There is no shame in a household pledging less this year than in previous years. Every gift matters and pledges can be changed throughout the year if circumstances change. Families who are not struggling might consider increasing their giving to compensate.

And lastly, the coming year will hopefully see St. Clare’s completing their search for a new Rector but at a significant expense beyond the usual operating budget.

Pledges can be submitted electronically (click here) or by pledge card if you contact the office ( or leave a voice message at 734-662-2449). We hope to complete the campaign by November 22 and report and bless the pledges on Sunday November 29.

Our times are often uncertain, but it is our Christian hope that prudent planning and Faith-Filled Generosity can help us prepare and survive this uncertainty.