46th Annual Ann Arbor Crop Walk (Virtual) on Sunday, October 11.

  • 25% of all money raised in our community will support local food assistance programs
  • 75% will go to worldwide efforts supported through Church World Services
  • Visit www.crophungerwalk.org/annarbormi to register and/or to donate.

Some ideas for making this an interactive event for the entire family

  • Take a walk in the neighborhood (make a sign to carry, have the kids carry balloons, wear a t-shirt with a message concerning food security or another social justice issue).
  • Walk in your own home if that feels more to your liking.
  • Find some educational resources ( a movie, book or lecture) and have a discussion on-line or in person.

Once you have registered, please join our Back Door Food Pantry (BDFP) team!