With the lifting of some of the Covid 19 restrictions, it is time to move forward in the search process for a new rector. As part of our process of visioning and planning for St. Clare’s and calling our next rector, we are inviting all members of the church to participate in Holy Conversations and help us think and dream about our shared values, practices and sense of vocation as part of discerning our plans for the future.

Please join us for about two hours of small group conversation and share your experiences about our ongoing congregational life. Summaries from these Holy Conversations will be given to the Vestry for review, comment and follow up. The information gathered also is used to develop our Profile. This Profile will be sent out to prospective candidates and also put on our website.

We want to reach as many of you as possible. With that in mind, we are asking that you sign up to meet in small groups of 4-6 people with one of our facilitators who will lead the discussions. You will meet at the home of the facilitator (or another designated location) using social distancing. Most of the sessions will be held outdoors weather permitting. You will be required to wear masks the entire time.

For those of you unable to meet in person because of safety concerns caused by Covid19, we will have some Zoom meetings. However, we request as many as possible to meet in person in small groups. We also ask that people living in the same household participate in separate groups.

Sessions are scheduled throughout the month of September, and the first opportunity is this Saturday, September 5. Please sign up as soon as possible by clicking here (https://signup.com/go/YqgfFtC). We will be adding additional sessions as needed.

We are looking forward to having your participation in this process.


The Rev. Maryjane Peck, Interim Rector
Linda Klimach, Senior Warden